Month: January 2022

Lizarda, The Uncouth

I totally failed to prepare my outline for yesterday’s writing workshop, and when it was my turn to unveil my planned suite of deluxe, profound short stories I had to come up with something on the fly. I think it… Read More ›

Laughing and Braying

My friend ANL messaged me from Atlanta to say that she’s been getting terribly stressed the past few weeks. Her husband, Len-Len, works as an intensivist in one of the biggest hospitals in their area, and the risk of contracting… Read More ›

The Masks

Been very strict and compliant in wearing my N95 mask the past few weeks ever since Omicron exploded. I use the 3M 1860 N95, the teal one, and so far it’s been successful in warding off the virus. For some… Read More ›

Mirror In The Sky

For about 3 days in a month, PLDT blocks access to this bloggeth. I initially thought that it was a problem with WordPress, but after their very efficient customer service and they did all the troubleshooting necessary and stuff, it… Read More ›

Missing Those Days

Managed to survive this long, blasted week–like I had lassoed a pole a mile away and dragged my paralyzed body to reach it. Felt like New Year’s eve was eons ago, when it was, in fact, just last Friday. Initially… Read More ›