Month: June 2010


Toy Story 3, I am relieved and surprised to say, is an excellent film. It is one of the many movies I’ve seen this week, mostly in CENICUlungan, thanks to copied downloads from Smoketh and BOTD, which are mostly romantic… Read More ›

All Dried Up

Finally got around to watching a movie after a long time. A movie. In a theater. I find it difficult to watch movies at home or at work, with my attention drifting to something else entirely, like blogging about, say,… Read More ›


Kinda looks fancy but I don’t know what those globs of red stuff in the background are either. Could be… prions.

Things You Can’t Unhear

I’ve just realized: where are my manners, I haven’t even asked if Smirketh got some in her date last night. But she did reveal, however, that they now have a TOE. I’m sure you’re thinking: toe, sexual activity, toe fetish,… Read More ›

Tough Love

In pure boredom I noted that I’ve been channel surfing for hours and hours on end, until I came across a new VH1 reality show called Tough Love wherein stereotyped women who have difficulty dating for one reason or another… Read More ›

High Estrogenic Content

I’ve been attempting to attend the morning endorsements the past few weeks, as the ward seniors this month are of the high estrogen variety and things could be very interesting. I was able to attend last month’s endorsements with an… Read More ›

Invisible Jetplane!

While in the elevator which has the strange ability to carry a stretcher with an intubated patient, a huge oxygen tank, six other people, and a heavy trolley I noticed that the trolley was full of bibles, and what should… Read More ›


The thing about the rain now going down sporadically is that we can no longer complain as much and we can no longer attribute so many pointless things to the fucking heat. A few months back everyone was whining, whimpering,… Read More ›

Do You Like Me? A Quiz

Er, I mean, “Are You Like Me? A Quiz”, as I have no underlying desire to be liked, I am not clamoring to be liked, I’m not, I’m not hungry for approval, not everything I do is a subconscious wish… Read More ›