Month: June 2022

Stuff of Nightmares

The Toys R’Us guy happily tells me that there are still a couple of Huggy Wuggy’s left, and that they are running out of stocks fast! So apparently it’s a thing. My niece had asked for it for her birthday,… Read More ›

Worthy Calories

“It would be WORTH IT!” I was repeatedly told, but by the time we arrived at Vieux Chalet I had already suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome from all the lubaks on the road. Luckily, the food was as fantastic as… Read More ›

Gentrified Camping

I first heard of the word “glamping” in the summer of 2019, and I initially thought that it was a play on the word clamping. Like an activity that involves clamping something–or someone–with a twist. So it turned out to… Read More ›


Didn’t schedule a lot of chemo this morning, as I had 6 outpatient consults on my list. I prefer not to pack my clinic schedule with too many patients, to avoid rushing and missing important details. Still, I imagined that… Read More ›


My mother wanted to watch the upcoming concert of Regine and Sharon, so I tried to book 2 tickets for her and my sister via the Ticketworld website. When I clicked the pay button, I was informed that there was… Read More ›

They Alive, Dammit!

Was watching the Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, and was preparing myself to doze off after the first few minutes (or switch back to watching old Justice League Unlimited episodes) but the presentation was surprisingly fast-paced and gripping… Read More ›

Pretentious Twat!

That is, me sitting near the controls, looking all smug, holding a bowling ball. But in fairness to me, I did take bowling as my college in PE… over 20 years ago! Duckpin bowling was one of the most difficult… Read More ›

Overarching Theme!

So I had asked my sister to organize a family swimming event for the summer, given that the wet season seems to be coming in earlier than usual. My only rule during the booking and preparations is that I don’t… Read More ›


See, you buy one action figure after years of abstinence and you slip back into the addiction. It’s like getting a taste of ice cream after having resisted for months, and then deciding to have ice cream for dessert for… Read More ›


I usually love the rain, but the rapid flip-flop of the blazing sun and torrential rains in recent weeks have been driving me bonkers. After a haircut and a massage c/o my loyal barber I went around a bit, and… Read More ›