Ruminate, Contemplate, Meditate!

I’ve been getting more and more heartless. And remorseless… in throwing things away! Everyday if I find something that I don’t want in the house, I happily, cathartically dispose of it! I used to have some kind of 2 year rule, that I have 2 years to think about a thing’s value before rendering final judgment. But now, if it occupies space and it gives me nothing then into the trash it goes! And just in case I suddenly become guilty in the future (I doubt it!), I take a photo of it and save it in my Notes app under the main title “Useless Pieces of Crap”.

These tiny items in an old drawer, however, have so far survived multiple rounds of rumination, contemplation, and meditation on whether they deserve to go into oblivion. To enumerate:

  1. My red internship name plate, which is a symbol of having survived medschool. Although in UP-PGH you don’t really feel the distinction of being an intern, it’s essentially just 5th year med school OK KEEP!
  2. My first ever Trodat. The backstory was, one of our friends, Darius, would frequently take a shower in our apartment after his 24-hour duties. One day he won P300,000 in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As thanks for his regular use of our bathroom he gave me, Leif, and Coe a Trodat. We should have demanded that he treated us to lechon baka as well, but I guess we were happy for anything free. Ok, fine, KEEP!
  3. The “Poverty Phone”. Sun Cellular had set-up shop in the lobby of PGH, and the network’s claim to fame was that Sun-To-Sun calls and texts would be free. Of course, we took the opportunity and I got the plan 259 which came with a free Nokia phone! I had used this phone for over 3 years before it just totally gave up during hellowship. I still have some of my dad’s final text messages here, so definitely KEEP!
  4. My Hyperthermia Physician Award. On the final day of internal medicine residency our junior residents gave us awards, and I won as the hottest resident of that batch. It was a truly a remarkable win, because I had defeated the other nominees: Ruter who was charming and had muscles, and Paulette who was gorgeous. Yes, I was the hottest across the board, male and female. My speech was a very succinct: I deserve this! KEEP, because who knows if I’ll ever be called hyperthermic again in my life.
  5. The COMELEC pen from the damn May 9, 2022 elections. I had discovered that it was in my pocket when I was throwing things in the washing machine, and I was contemplating whether it was a crime. If it’s a crime, then I demand that I don’t get arrested without multiple nicely-worded requests for surrender first. And when I do surrender, I want a full on press con, and I want my mummy there, telling everyone that I was a bedwetter. THROW, out of irritation? Or keep, to nourish a level of vindictiveness?!

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