October’s Very Cold

The past weeks when my gadget cords have all decided to go on strike I’ve contented myself with exploring further the unexplored recesses of my iPot after charging it from various computers, ie, I’ve finally listened to the thousands of songs demanding for my attention and fine critique. There were fantastic finds, ie, songs that weren’t particularly popular or radio hits, or no one recommended them as they are buried as track 8’s or 9’s in someone’s obscure album, but which turned out to be quite amazing. There were vomity finds, ie, songs that I used to like but now deserve to be erased not only from my iPot but from all existence. There were also regurgitant finds, ie, songs that deserve to be vomited in the right state of mind, but I secretly like them and will never allow anyone to know that I like them and I will take the secret with me to the grave. Hence, these notes:

1. My 2010 Album of the Year is October’s Very Cold. Because we like Drake, we like Coldplay, and when we throw their songs in the air and allow them to mix and drop on the ground they sound fantastic. And we like that synthesized girly voice who just whisper “October’s Very Cold” randomly in all the tracks.

2. Surprise of the Week: I was chatting with a friend while half-listening to a random song, and I suddenly heard the line “She take my money well I’m in need yeah she’s a triflin’ friend indeed”. I naively thought cinocover na agad si Kanye West. I checked what song was playing and it was the ultimate sinauna song “I Got A Woman” by Ray Charles which is obviously the one being sampled in Gold Digger. Both excellent songs.

3. Career Move of the Week: If my band becomes famous in the future I would name my band something really unique which, if you type in Google or Torrents, would not be mistaken for something else. But first I need to learn how to play an instrument, learn how to sing, or form a band. Tuscaloosa Centauri has recommended the band xx to me last year, and when I started to look for the band in the net the search engine generated a lot of porn sites. Nevertheless Crystalised rules. The band always sounds lazy when they sing, but really, who is not tinatamad these days.

4. Crap of the Week: The Across The Universe soundtrack has the most over-produced, over-arranged, over-dramaticized, over-everything cover of Beatles songs. The cover of Let It Be starts quietly enough until the fourth or fifth line when the histrionic duo singing is joined by… a CHOIR! Also, you could see the tears streaming down the girl singer’s face as she caterwauls. Bigay na bigay. But you don’t mess with Let It Be! We like our Let It Be straight-up and served on regular platter sprinkled with bits of LSD.

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  1. oooooh! what's your super secret chaka song? text me the sagooot! is it ted ito level? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.




  3. SIR, magcocomment na dapat ako sa October's very Cold na status niyo sa FB. Haha! Top played ko yung Best Strawberry sa ipod. Inattempt ko pang burahin yung \”October's very cold\” na girly voice sa songs dati kasi sobrang annoying. HAHAHA!Meron ding same project na nagcrossover ang the xx at saka si Notorious B.I.G. Wait What yung title ng album sir.


  4. thanks for the recommendation, will def download that! ang top played naman sa akin ay Forever La Vida!


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