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  • Pretentious Twat!

    That is, me sitting near the controls, looking all smug, holding a bowling ball. But in fairness to me, I did take bowling as my college in PE… over 20 years ago! Duckpin bowling was one of the most difficult… Read More ›

  • Overarching Theme!

    So I had asked my sister to organize a family swimming event for the summer, given that the wet season seems to be coming in earlier than usual. My only rule during the booking and preparations is that I don’t… Read More ›

  • Relapse

    See, you buy one action figure after years of abstinence and you slip back into the addiction. It’s like getting a taste of ice cream after having resisted for months, and then deciding to have ice cream for dessert for… Read More ›

  • Crestfallennesses

    I usually love the rain, but the rapid flip-flop of the blazing sun and torrential rains in recent weeks have been driving me bonkers. After a haircut and a massage c/o my loyal barber I went around a bit, and… Read More ›

  • Outatime!

    Went to the mall to fulfill my duty as a shopping enabler. Smoketh has been contemplating on getting airpods, and as a good friend I was there to tell her all the good things about the product, punctuating the rigmarole… Read More ›

  • Food Manifestations!

    I love how patients correctly assume that I eat so little, that they start throwing all sorts of food at me. In this particular clinic day: A set of Denny’s enough to feed 5 people (some steak, some chicken with… Read More ›

  • Bugawk!

    After completing my very toxic clinics last Monday I passed by Cafe Breton and ordered chorizo burger and latte. I guess the chori-burger from Boracay was still on my mind, and it was clearly not the specialty of Breton. I… Read More ›

  • No Ears

    A week before the elections my friend Smoketh and I walked around UP Diliman. I wanted to jog, but of course deep in my heart I probably didn’t, because I “forgot” to bring my running shoes, so we just walked… Read More ›

  • May 2022 Tsundoku Reportage

    Just a very quick tsundoku reportage of recent purchases, more for accountability. Looking at this as my version of daily body check photos of people determined to work-out with regularity, to push themselves to keep with the habit. The Illustrated… Read More ›

  • Clap, Cheer, Cringe

    A few weeks before the elections Smoketh, Aia, and I booked a flight to Boracay, where we met Frichmond, who was there to attend a social gathering, and Queen Mum who practices in Kalibo along with her husband, Sir Vim…. Read More ›

  • Vindictive Cunt

    I sometimes just assume that this blog is alive, and that it writes its own content, ha ha ha. Been writing short stories for a workshop where the main characters, mainly “fictional” doctors, do embarrassing things, stories which don’t really… Read More ›

  • Videoke Soon!

    In tonight’s Leni-Kiko rally in Pampanga the San Nicolas farmers went on stage to surprise Senator Kiko Pangilinan, upon which the instrumental for the song Rosas started playing, followed by the crowd singing the chorus in unison. This made everyone… Read More ›

  • Kanga-Dog

    I have delegated care for the Belgian Malinois Alanis Nadine aka Giggles aka Googles aka Gigglers to my sister and her kids. Nadine has been very nice, that is, she has never tried to eat my face off whenever I… Read More ›

  • Taxify

    Taxification season. When I started my private practice years ago I promised myself that I would never hire an accountant, and that I would do everything on my own. I studied the BIR website thoroughly, and whined in unison other… Read More ›

  • Zur-En-Arrh!

    Was planning our trip to Boracay… who am I kidding I just said (whined), “can I just pay”? The last time I was in the island was in April 2007, when Abe, Len-Len, Tin, and I worked there as general… Read More ›

  • Nadine

    I used to hold clinics Mondays-Saturdays pre-pandemic, but I’m now down to four days a week. The patient load has started getting heavier, but I have so far been able to squeeze everything in. In one of my days off… Read More ›

  • Dinner At Yuki

    Met with Paul, Maan, Lord, Park, and Jessica in Makati to discuss our writing projects. Joining us via Zoom were Isabelle who is currently in LA, John who is in Copenhagen, and Joan in London. Always fun to meet an… Read More ›

  • Oh, Barry.

    I am dangerously close to getting banned from many of my friends’ Viber groups, because I’ve been regularly screencapping and sharing a common friend’s vile socio-political commentaries to all these groups. To be fair, like most of us, I’ve also… Read More ›

  • Periodt

    Varicella Zosterina recently declared that she has been feeling dread. I asked what she was dreading: the clinics? People? Responsibilities? Monday? And she said dread, period. Or in Gen Z terms: dread, periodT. Or maybe adding T is no longer… Read More ›

  • Pills

    One lonely day in the summer of 2016 I drove to the Coffee Bean branch in front of Mary Mediatrix and drank a huge cup of ice blended sugar (with a hint of coffee). I can’t quite remember why I… Read More ›

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