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  • Summer Mittelschmerz

    I woke up with very itchy legs. I checked the bed and discovered tiny pieces of wire and spring jutting out of the foam, poking my bare sweaty legs. The aircon was making weird gurgling noises, and when I placed… Read More ›

  • Double-Headed D’s in New York

    This current state of isolation reminds me of the 2015 movie Room based on the novel of Emma Donaghue, about a woman trying to escape the hovel where her husband has kept her and her son captive for seven years. I… Read More ›

  • Beso Cues

    When the Quarantinees are finally unleashed into the world most of us would probably look plumpier, but the hope is that we would somehow look younger due to the minimized sun exposure. I used to cake my face with sunblock… Read More ›

  • Half-Assed Unwarranted Rebellion Against Nothing

    Failed morphing into an iced tea. I recently had a series of Zoom/Messenger meetings with different sets of friends, which was something I didn’t know I needed. At some point nobody’s really talking any more, each one just doing his… Read More ›

  • Putting The Carcass Back Together

    One of the events cancelled (or for more emphasis, cancelledtht) by the rapidly escalating Corona crisis was the short story writing workshop I attend twice a year. In these workshops I am coerced to write–I like the pressure of someone… Read More ›

  • Melodramatic Syndrome of Melancholia (MSM) and Bludgeonella’s Bludgeonings

    My friends (and I) are going insane, for different reasons and at varying degrees. Some are weeping from fatigue, others from the overwhelming sense of injustice, while others are just getting bored out of their wits. No sense being dismissive… Read More ›

  • Quarantine Magnum

    A couple of months ago a patient gave me a Magnum ice cream bar, and by the time I was able to bring it home it was already sloshing inside the packaging. For weeks I’ve been attempting to take it… Read More ›

  • C#!ck@ To The Highest Level

    One of the skills that I would have to re-train myself for once the ECQ is lifted (and I survive this pandemic!) is talking to people face to face. I am neither the most articulate nor the most engaging speaker… Read More ›

  • Tonight’s Soap Recap!

    I hardly have any subscription to anything because I’m totally stingy, and again I blame the poverty mindset of hellowship. But of course if someone offered to let me borrow a Netflix group account, who am I to refuse. But… Read More ›

  • Love on Valentine’s

    By 2019 things were sort of going well for me. I was finally happy with my work schedule, the clinic load was just right, my skin was getting quite fantastic, and months have passed without me obsessing that I was… Read More ›

  • Last Will, Testament, and Endorsements

    For the past few days I’ve been waking up with some mild, constricting chest pain and whereas before I would automatically assume “THYMIC CARCINOMA!”, it is now the virus that instantly comes to mind. Someone in the house would cough… Read More ›

  • Indio In The City

    I was in NAIA 3 by 2 am for my 6 am flight to Spain, and I couldn’t be any more disinterested. Trips are fantastic and I enjoy them immensely once I’m in the destination, but I abhor the long… Read More ›

  • The Doody Chronicles

    By June 2016, seven months after we have enthusiastically submitted our application forms and paid a hefty amount for gym membership we have finally decided to actually work-out. We were getting old, cholesteroly, and dyspneic at rest, so we knew… Read More ›

  • MOMOL vs Beach Sex

    “I’m watching The Affair on TV,” Helliza messaged. “It’s about Richard Gomez who fucks…” “I know,” I interrupted her with glee. “I’ve seen it in the cinema. I had a date.” “Who was your date?!?!” Helliza enthused. A few months… Read More ›

  • Pa-check-check.

    I’ve recently deactivated my facebook and instagram accounts, and was astounded at how infrequently I am now checking my phone. It has hit me that I’ve become addicted to checking out the photos of other people, specifically toy photos, that… Read More ›

  • Sliding and Whining and Overcoming in Sagada

    A few weeks ago we had our midyear oncology convention in Baguio. I’ve always been leery of conventions, as most of the stuff that would be discussed could be read on the internet. But then again, everything could be done… Read More ›

  • One More Try

    Today I only have one patient to rounds, and I have no scheduled clinic, tasks, and other responsibilities (as far as I want to admit–of course there are my QURE responsibilities where I have to score the online tests of… Read More ›

  • Gaaaah!

    “Ayoko nang umasa at masaktan na muli,” I texted Tokwa Boy– pure, visceral, jinarteritic words I never thought I would tell anyone, much less to someone named Tokwa Boy. It was in response to his text message: “Kapit bayan!” We… Read More ›

  • Gift-elyamae

    Of all the things I am most lazy about it’s buying clothes. I hate it. I hate shopping. I hate picking shirts and most specially pants, going to the fitting room, undressing, and putting them on. Then going out to… Read More ›

  • Zen

    Helliza is back in the shore. She has successfully completed her internal medicine training and passed the specialty board exams, and while she has the option to leave–LEAVE!– the hospital, she has decided to stay and train further to become… Read More ›

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