Clang! Clang! Clang!

One of the things I like doing when I’m at home on weekends other than stare at the ceiling for hours on end is looking at stuff I can throw in the trash or give to other people or sell. So I opened my closets wide open to look for useless crap! 90% of my closet space contains comic book long boxes, and I realized I don’t have any clothes in my room!

The other 10% contains:
College and med books- useless crap, but too heavy to carry or throw to the trash. They carry no sentimental value whatsoever, and whatever reservations I had then that I would probably read them when I have the time have been pulverized years and years ago. Keep.

College papers, newspapers, magazines, folios and other publications that carry my published stuff. Will not throw out. In the off chance that I die soon and I become posthumously famous, people might get interested in that old essay where I wished I were a cat. Or that short story where I swapped brains with a cat. My deceased cats would be proud. Keep.

Cassette tapes, VHS recordings of X-Files, mixed tapes which carry a lot of memory- since mixed tapes and the X-Files bring comfort in nostalgification: Keep.

And finally:
Medals- the term “useless crap” does not even begin to describe their uselesscrapness. They gather dust, might contain deadly metals, and do not even carry any nostalgic or self-esteem-boosting worth. If anything they signify the most embarrassing portions of my life. AHAHAHAHAHA. I looked at the medals’ labels and my favorites: Grade 3 mini-olympics: CHESS. Mini-olympics! AHAHAHAHAHA. But nothing takes up space more than… a TROPHY. I’ve just remembered: I have a tall bleeping trophy! This might sound totally cool except that the label reads: Quiz Bee on Consumerism. CONSUMERISM! What the hellellellel! AHAHAHAHAHAAH. I’ve just remembered one question in this quiz bee, something about from how many meters must a price tag on a grocery item be visible for it to be a valid price tag. THROW THROW THROW! THROOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! When my mom’s not looking.

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  1. CLANG CLANG CLAAAANG! JOOOOKE! ahahahahahaha. don't throw away the trophies and medals! kelangan din daw yun i-display for future use pag sikat ka na! ahahahahaha. :Poooooh. mag rummage sale ka din! sa tapat ng bahay for moooore cash! ahahaha. šŸ˜›


  2. Sell, not throw! baka may economics major who might be interested in your consumerism trophy. šŸ˜› pwede nyang ilagay sa resume nya yon, and he/she would have the trophy to prove it!as for the medals, benta mo sa recto. baka pwede nilang burahin yung engraving sa likod, palitan ng pangalan ng kung sino. šŸ˜®

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  3. or keep the medals. baka pwedeng gawing arrhae sa kasal. šŸ˜›

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  4. clangclangclangclang! literal clangclangclangclang! ahahahahahaha! ang sama sama ahahahaha


  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! pinalitan mo nga ang title! for more katatawanan! AHAHAHAHAHA.


  6. sometimes, i wish i could just step out of the room with just a back pack of most prized possessions and come back to an empty, sterile room rid of mice and insects!amoketh!


  7. nasan na ba yung plaque ko ng outstanding intern in internal medicine na im sure gusto na nila bawiin mwahahahaha. naalala ko talaga yung very first award ko. grade 1. GOOD GIRL AWARD. in your face!!


  8. ahaahahahahha outstanding ka nga pala!!!! talo mo si clangclangclang!!!!


  9. ikaw na talaga HTGOF! may clanging na of the medals at gold coins pluuuuuus kagandahan ahahahahaahahahahahahaha. taob na taob si clangclangclang. ahahahahaahahahahahahaha!


  10. guys wag naman niyo ko ikumpara kay clangclangclang. alam naman nating di ko yan maabot. sa self love lang kami magkapantay. ahahahaha. *smothering self with kisses*


  11. With the recent developments nalilito na ko minsan if by clangclang you mean medals clanging or glasses of gong cha/beer being clangclanged in the air to indicate tootoot


  12. htgof: ok. hindi naman kasi kayo magkalevel ni clangclangclang. ahahaha. SAFM: well…to make things less confusing…let us make a new term…called…CLINGCLINGCLING! to indicate the slushing/bunggu-bungguan portion of the yelo inside the gong cha when you shake it side to side! AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  13. Hence the term, gumogongcha! Bagay yung term ano?


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