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  • Defer Toy Rounds

    And just like that another month is about to end. In a few weeks it would be three months since the world has been brought to its knees, and from the look of things it would take years before we… Read More ›

  • Comfort of Non-Glossiness

    At first I thought my cracked attention span was to blame for my inability to watch these sleek, new cutting-edge TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Go. Each episode in a series is usually 60 minutes long, a… Read More ›

  • Hairy Worm Larva Mutant Anaphylaxis

    Twenty years ago Groin, Chel, Joni and I met in the kiosk in front of Palma Hall Annex. It was grad pic day, and we had to take a cab to Greenhills to the studio of Toch Peypoch. A few… Read More ›

  • Collective Distraction

    I have recently discovered the vile rabbit hole that is the streaming services, and I must say that my 90’s sensibility is shookedth. For years I’ve resisted using my credit card even for “free trials”, but Senor Sonny Balwani Holmes… Read More ›

  • Mr. Peppermint Patty

    My accountant has called me up to say that it’s time to pay the monthly retainers’ fees and went on to enumerate the due taxes for the past few months. Because I’m always happy seeing my financial share getting utilized… Read More ›

  • Smooth and Thick

    Have been lying in bed most of the day, pondering on a very important, cosmic issue: what diseases would I have today? Will symptoms suddenly appear, like a thunderclap headache indicative of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, abdominal pain suggestive of cancer,… Read More ›

  • Saga

    The authorities must really be bored, right, to run after these select few that they could easily bully and threaten. Maybe someone’s pressuring them to come up with something–truly the crime rate has precipitously dropped and no one’s ice-picking a random… Read More ›

  • A History of Losing

    Recently joined a Quiz Night at Bell and Dragon in Makati. We reviewed our 90’s Thinkaton, we watched hundreds of Jeopardy episodes, we neglected our daily responsibilities to study the geo-political landscape of Kyrgyzstan, only to be asked on quiz… Read More ›

  • Di Ba!

    The recent Smokey Mountain Zoom performance was the reunion we didn’t know we need. The songs immediately got me and my friends yearning for the magnificent 90’s, which, I think, was a pretty good decade to grow up in. In… Read More ›

  • Dreading One Day At A Time

    When I attended an annual Oncology convention in Singapore in 2018 I got into full on schizoid mode and decided to avoid large groups of people. After listening to some of the most important lectures I quietly slipped out of… Read More ›

  • Deliver Us!

    “ME?!” I exclaimed in pure surprise when my classmate Bart informed me that the Directress Sister Trinia asked him to bring me to her office. This would be the second time in history that I would get in trouble with the… Read More ›

  • Anxiety-Sadness-Ennui-Dread Combo Meal

    I opened my eyes this morning with a combined feeling of anxiety, sadness, ennui, and dread, so I had my Spam sandwich and sugar-rich 3-in-1 coffee and told myself maybe I would eventually figure this out. I turned on Zoom… Read More ›

  • Such Party People In Phuket

    Two years ago Smirketh won the grand prize in their annual convention raffle–a trip for two to Phuket for a romantic summer sex-travaganza. In the true spirit of friendship, though, she asked me, Aia, and JP to come with her… Read More ›

  • Competitive Bitchiness is Cancelledth

    Without fanfare May 1 has come and gone. I should be seeing Instagram posts of drug-crazed frolicking and all kinds of sexual debauchery on the beach, but for now we should be content with images of bookshelves, ube cheese pandesal,… Read More ›

  • Touch

    Excesses The supposed re-opening of the clinics is getting closer and I am dreading it. I predict that I would always be afraid of flicking one viral particle from one patient to another, and would constantly wonder if the delicious, irresistible red velvet… Read More ›

  • Oxalee-ah In Estonia!

    While on a cruise ship to Estonia I was already feeling quite lethargic. The week prior, our contingent had attended an annual convention in Barthelona and we went through all the required tourist spots, consuming gallons of sunblock in the… Read More ›

  • Anorexia Covidelya

    After doing chemo in the cancer unit I discovered that Shakey’s Lipa is open. There were no customers inside but the huge HOT PIZZA marquee was on, and the crew was busy fixing up orders for delivery. I rushed home and… Read More ›

  • Powers

    Not related to the post, but there are now unclassified videos of UFO’s and truly THIS COULD BE A JOB FOR MULDER AND SCULLY! I haven’t been watching a lot of news for the past few weeks, only checking twitter… Read More ›

  • TT

    Another one of my cancer patients died from disease progression today at home, the 7th since the world shut down. In the past few weeks the patient has quickly developed spinal cord compression, secondary infections, and multiple metastases. We had… Read More ›

  • Summer Mittelschmerz

    I woke up with very itchy legs. I checked the bed and discovered tiny pieces of wire and spring jutting out of the foam, poking my bare sweaty legs. The aircon was making weird gurgling noises, and when I placed… Read More ›

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