One Day At A Time

Attended this morning the baptism of Papa Ruter’s super cute daughter in Fernbrook Alabang. Ruter is one of my residency batchmates, and you might remember him from my post where he ripped off his shirt in our sweltering callroom, lifted the entire damn airconditioner unit, and rammed it against the hole in the room all by himself. He is the sort of person who just does what needs to be done while everyone around him is whining, in that case, we were all whining that it was so hot when is the technician going to get here to put up the aircondition. I thought I got into a wrong chapel as there was no baptism, there was instead a huge furry dog with people dressed in Middle Earth costume while a couple was getting married. And then I realized I was two hours late so they were of course already dining somewhere else.

And already seated were my residency batchmates who are some of the most interesting people I know. Just because I want to I’d enumerate them: Lloydie with his wife Rhose, Hurricane Katrina, Fulet Esplana, Tits, Jd-Lu with Beh, Tessieloopagooparoop, JLL, Renrerenrenren, Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore, Vampirella, and Lochia. We suddenly remembered it was also Ruter’s 4th year wedding anniversary when he showed us the video of his wedding in 2007. We were all invited then, but none of us attended the wedding, being caught up then in the first days of residency.

In the midst of it all people were discussing plans on where to practice medicine after completing fellowship, plans of marriage, further training abroad, hospital stocks and bonds and visiting privileges and stuff, kids, our parents’ medical conditions, kids, money, and all these adult stuff. These things make my head spin. I have no plans for the future whatsofuckingever, I don’t know what should ever become of me, and my long term goal is good only for the next meal. Kumbaga sa insulin, short-acting at pag naubos na ay intayin na lang mag diabetic coma. In times like these I find solace in the fantastic Snoopy’s Street Fair game where Charlie Brown succinctly explains his new philosophy in life: I will only dread one day at a time.

Speaking of one day at a time, Oxali has recently seen the movie One Day. Grainy pirated download, of course. Oxali is an Oncology co-fellow. While in the car on our way to our Christmas party Oxali revealed (spoilers!) that the girl in the movie One Day dies in the end.

“CANCER?!?!” four of us said in unison.
“Hinde, nasagasaan sya ng truck,” Oxali said.

Not everything is about cancer.

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3 replies

  1. I second the short-acting insulin tragedy! Life naman talaga oo! Bring it on, whatsofuckingever!


  2. I agree with the cancer bit. That's almost a reflex reaction from me, too! But then, I'd always ask, nagmumulto? hahaha


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