Something To Say To Donna Troy

As I’ve recently blathered about in this blog Donna Troy has laid their mother to rest about a week ago, with the special participation of everyone from PGH, the UP Med Choir, and of course, Boots Anson-Roa. And Selecta Ice Cream. Donna Troy immediately went back to work the day after the cremation. While walking in Robinson’s after a pig-fest of Wham, New York Fries, White Hat Yoghurt, and Benjamint Button we saw one of her fraternity brods Tempus who said hi. After saying hi Tempus paused, closed his eyes, and we could hear the gears in his head turning. He was obviously thinking of something to say to Donna Troy, something about a recent important event in her life. He knew something happened to her, something of utmost significance, and he knew he had to say something. Gears were turning, nuts and bolts chugging wildly, black industrial machine oil spilling out. Finally, he realized the important event—how could he possibly forget?

“Donna Troy,” he said, putting a hand on Donna Troy’s left shoulder. “Belated happy birthday!!!”

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