A History of Hypercholesterolism

While looking for that photo of the black chori burger from Boracay Discovery Shores for a previous entry, the Photos App in my Macbook showed me various photos of the burgers I’ve engulfed through the years to the detriment of my coronary arteries. And just because, here they are! File also as an exercise in documentation, just in case I lose all my mental faculties in the future.

Shake Shack

I had this Shake Shack cheeseburger in Chicago when I attended the annual ASCO convention in June 2017. I usually just drink water whenever I’m eating junk food for less guilt, but Shake Shack wasn’t locally available at that time, and I made good on the promise to walk around that day. And the perfect reading material while feasting on such cholesterolly meal: Peter David’s Supergirl! The Supergirl in this book is not the cousin of Superman, but the ooze/mutant/earth angel version who can cure cancer.

Jamie’s Italian

I had this cheeseburger meal in Jamie’s Italian in Perth sometime July 2017, and I didn’t like it too much. It was a bit, ummm, matabang. In fact I couldn’t taste anything at all! My friends also didn’t like their food. Or maybe we were just too full from the previous meal. Or maybe we should have ordered the Italian dish. We said maybe the dessert will be great! We got served this tiny gelato in a bin that looked like a rusty arinola. We want to talk to Jamie Oliver!

Some Resto Near Petronas

Kuala Lumpur, 2018. We were able to briefly leave the KL airport during a 12-hour layover on our way home from Phuket (aka Cunt-Et aka Vagina-Ket), and we dined in this nice restaurant near Petronas (the only restaurant open at that time). I like the pickle stapled on the oily hamburger bun. And in the photo, me sucking the salt off a french fry because why the hell not!

Christmas Village

Reindeer Burger in the Christmas Village in Rovaniemi, Finland, October 2019. It was a bit dry and malansa, but I guess that’s what the elderberry jelly sauce was for. Maybe the meat would be better off as caldereta, I’m sure the pinoys living there must have tried it. The burger was quite enormous but I forced myself to finish the damn thing. Because in true tourist mentality: sayang ang Euros!


Pound Robinson’s Manila, October 2020. This was around the time when restrictions were loosening up, and we were able to eat in the mall. I think this was during an MECQ. Or was in the GCQ. MGCQ? I can list the other letter combinations, but it’s a joke that has lost its luster.

Shake Shack Greenbelt

Shake Shack Greenbelt, April 2021. This was during one of the COVID waves, when the restrictions were tightened once again. After my clinic in Manila Med I would eat in a restaurant to feel a semblance of normalcy, and I remember always being the only person in the restaurant/fastfood I was in. This was also the Heng De Face Shield Era. In this photo I am eating by myself, facing the plants, because they don’t breathe out COVID. PS: See, there’s bottled water to go with the cheeseburger and corrugated fries! ^^

Chorizo Burger in Cafe Breton, because in Cafe Breton, kulay rosas ang bukas!

Taipei Taoyuan Airport

After 3 days of eating authentic Chinese food and all kinds of exotic street food, we finally had burger in the airport on our way back. We had to eat as much as grease as we could to overcome all the ginseng we had consumed.

And finally…

Mystery burger. I don’t recall what this is, but the tag says somewhere in Muntinlupa 2019. Looks very plain, with pandesal-like bread, with some kind of barbecue sauce!

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  1. Shake Shack is good. But I heard it was better nung nasa NYC pa lang sila.

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