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  • O.P.

    Sitting on my table alone, because he doesn’t belong with anybody else in the eskaparate. Maybe if I could at least get Hurley and John Locke. Gratuitous entry I tells you. “You killed my father, Mr. Sawyer.”

  • Meanwhile, At The Hall of Justice

    I just suddenly remembered that some 8 years ago I wanted to get that DC Direct Bat Signal replica in Comic Odyssey. I had asked the guy if he could kindly take it off the box and turn the damn… Read More ›

  • Unto You I Barf

    Was trying to clean my closet a couple of weeks back, and I discovered that this time I have an extremely lower threshold for throwing things away than I used to have the last time I had a major clean-up… Read More ›

  • One Of Those Entries

    I don’t know when the concept of sluggishness was birthed, but it has definitely gone into prominence in the past one and a half years. Sluggishness, for you hyperactive, never-tiring academic bunch, is that state that treads the fine line… Read More ›

  • Fiction: Smoketh

    Smoketh was annoyed at the world. If you discover your cat rubbing his body against somebody else’s leg you’d be annoyed too. It doesn’t matter that the cat is just making pahid his body grime, Smoketh wanted that touch. Exclusively…. Read More ›

  • Set Up A Bleeping Cheese Trap, Lloydie, and Other Things

    1. The Blackest Night. Counting down the seconds (again, with that annoying hyperbolic expression) till this finally commences in July. There are now 7 existing lantern corps in the universe– The Green Lanterns (will power), The Yellow Lanterns (fear), The… Read More ›

  • Photo Op on Drugs

    As blog fodder, I will now self-indulgently post some photos of my beloved figs, much to your dismay. To start with… the Trinity!!!Noticeably they are all hot now– big muscles, the whitest skin, the strongest jaws, the most enormous boobs…. Read More ›

  • Inviting HIV

    I rarely go somewhere far for vacations basically due to lack of funds, and my goal is to be walking-on-water-solitary-trip-to-Batanes level, but for this leave, which will end in a couple of days, I went to Baguio because the sun… Read More ›

  • Damn Too Many Doctors

    All the other guys in the batch had their trahe de boda, I mean barong tagalong, made by Menchu, some popular designer in Tagaytay. She went all the way to our callroom from Tagaytay, and as she was checking her… Read More ›

  • Legion of 3 Worlds #4 Mega-Spoilers

    In Legion of 3 Worlds #4: Dirk Morgna finally comes back as Sun Boy in the most dramatic fashion, saving Brek Polar Boy before he gets killed by the ultimate prima donna Superboy Prime. Superman, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and… Read More ›

  • Sunog!

    In a matter of days… the annual interns’ Sunog! Every year during the last night of internship, April 30, all the interns lick their chops, wield their cleavers, and pump their blowtorches in preparation to burn… BURN!!!!… all the villains… Read More ›

  • Garbage

    The pointless stuff we filled our heads with in elementary! The garbage we had to memorize! And the sudden rain reminds me of an exam we had in Filipino during grade 5 wherein we would interpret some filipino idiomatic expressions/figurative… Read More ›

  • Mine! Mine! Mine!

    And in this month’s Green Lantern… …I have to run and no time to write a review, all I can say is that it has the best Green Lantern cover of all time, featuring Agent Orange hungrily hugging his orange… Read More ›

  • Heavy Rains! Meh.

    So it rains. I’m not impressed. It’s still bleeping hot, and the rain lasts for only ten seconds such that when you walk out from an airconditioned room hot humid air slaps your face senseless. If this were the 80’s… Read More ›

  • Concern For The Month

    This is not the time, to dwell on family problems, relationship problems, social problems. We don’t want to involve ourselves too much on death, the deaths we caused, the guilts thereafter, and your accusing looks. We have no time to… Read More ›

  • Abstinence

    Been successfully abstaining for 4 months. Haven’t touched that nasty stuff in 4 difficult months, and they were right, it’s not getting any easier. I dream about them. They are all I think about. I feel the urge most specially… Read More ›

  • Unhappiness of Unknown Primary—Can You Possibly Think of a More Melodramatic Title: A Self-Help Crap

    It must be the heat diffusing the drama from some unknown primary source, but I’ve been seeing a lot of unhappiness from a lot of people at work—batchmates, former interns now surgery residents, seniors called Smoketh, everyone. Some you don’t… Read More ›

  • Geeked-Out

    In terms of geeking out, you couldn’t possibly get more geeked-out than during the Season 8 episode of Smallville entitled Legion penned by the comics god himself, Geoff johns! I’ve spaced out in the recent Smallville seasons what with all… Read More ›

  • 4 Insights You Can’t Possibly Have Any Use For

    1. I used to get annoyed at the prospect of people planning major vacations in faraway places during the Holy Week, me quaintly thinking that everyone should be joining a prusisyon or eating ginataan at home while watching Jesus of… Read More ›

  • Starch Costume

    Speaking of the Flash, I happen to remember that there used to be a (very) short-lived TV series in the 90’s called The Flash, featuring the Barry Allen Flash and starring John Wesley Shipp, aka Dawson’s dad, as The Flash,… Read More ›

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