In A Fluox

The annoying thing about sadness is it seems easy to fix–it’s like it’s just in your head so you can probably do things to resolve it–but it’s recurrent. Like cancer. In fact if I hear one more thing about cancer tonight I am going to get a huge can of Baygon… and open fire on the roaches in the disgusting sewage near kantuns. Early today we’ve flocked to Medical City, Where Patients Are Partners, for a convention. Of course it’s cancer this and cancer that what else did we expect, but after a few minutes I had to get some fresh air and collect coins from my stalls in Snoopy’s Street Fair. Recent events have lowered my threshold to such things. Why did we do it, Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore, why. “Akala ko kasi walang sayaw-sayaw,” UHBJAW had said.

I then met my mom back at the dorm where she was fixing my door lock which I’ve recently forced open with a hammer. She said she had passed by my old college insurance plan building to file for a return of investment. Apparently we could get money from the insurance ten years after I’ve graduated from college, and at this day and age we suddenly remember these things! Like, wait I’ve stashed away a secret concert fund somewhere in my closet for emergency concerts, like what if Keane or Drake suddenly decides to come here unannounced? Pero ngayon, concert concert, open the darn envelope na and get the money… to buy food! Or wait, I have a secret action figure and comic book fund, break open the damn piggy bank and use such coins for… rent!!!

The thing is, my mom told me, one of the requirements for the ROI for the insurance plan is… my college ID! Not any ID of sorts, it has to be my old college ID. I immediately called up Frichmond who was also planning to file for ROI and she said her old college ID was a laminated cardboard which has been washing-machined many many times. Must look for other sources of food therefore.

I then went to Shrine Motherfucker for some quiet time. There are so many things to write about… only to discover that SMF is populated by everyone. Also, the guard has been giving me a hard time about plugging my laptop in the building. For more. More people, families, dating couples, etc. Somewhere in Shrine Motherfucker was Allen Tria who was studying. In another table was a group of Koreans eating sushi. I left SMF, there was nowhere else to go to at 10pm, nowhere else but… the medical ICU! Helliza was on duty, who listened to my lamentations for a few minutes.

The world doesn’t stop for us even when we’re at our saddest. Why should it. Other people’s pains are not any more or any less than ours, in fact we should stop comparing, it’s not a competition.

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  1. thanks for giving me pera to buy hi-ro and tubig. ahahahaha. sadness sucks. i want a happy pill. tried to write and rewrite some encouragement happy thoughts in this line but it was too….hard. ahahaha.hang in there. it will all get better in time! ahahaha. lume-leona lewis ahahahahahahaha.


  2. ahahahaha leona lewis is a prophetess, sana nga totoo mga pinagkakakanta nya. sige next time pag may pera-pera na ko di lang hiro ililibre ko sayo, pansit sa supot or longganisa na ahahahah


  3. Omigosh ako din super sad. Swear.


  4. hate this wave of sadness. it's like a plague.


  5. Masyadong deeeeeep ang last parAgraph mo!!!!


  6. kailangan may tokenistic pretentious closing paragraph ahahahha


  7. tumpak ang last paragraph! B-)


  8. your last line suddenly reminds me of those \”wala ka sa lolo ko\” jokes. although in this case, pwedeng \”wala ka sa lungkot ko…\” @_@


  9. @NSJK, yeah! palungkutan ang theme! by the way did you change your cel number? Couldn't seem to contact your phone re my seizure questions ahahhahaa talagang nagtanong dito


  10. still the same number. was in palawan though for a week, at walang signal sa loob ng underground river. 😉


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