Mall Aliens

I haven’t been getting a lot of exercise lately, and in a few months my coronary arteries will not only get blocked, but burst and cause mediastinal hemorrhage. After clinics I try to walk inside a mall and complete a certain number of steps, because apparently, I prioritize logging-in steps over not dying from the delta variant. A few days ago I saw these weird creatures prowling the mall, and it took me a while to realize what they were: kids. I haven’t seen kids in the mall in over a year, that they now looked totally alien, encroaching on this space meant only for those with supposedly fully-developed immune systems. I haven’t been updating myself on what quarantine status we are at now (my favorite is still GCQ with extra pearls), but kids have been officially unleashed into the wild. Which explains the huge Toys R’Us pop-up store in the middle of the mall. When I went home that night it was stated in the news that the spike in cases has changed everyone’s minds again: kids are not allowed to go out after all. All those LOL Surprise and Shopkins will need to get hauled back into the main store.

Al fresco beefsteak at Nono’s. But I need my beefsteak onions strong, pungent, and really strong

Other than the delta variant, more phenomena trying to kill us: heavy rains, leptospirosis, Taal, and just this morning, an earthquake. I sort of woke-up during the early morning earthquake, but fell asleep again after two seconds. I could probably explain it with my now fatalistic state of mind, but really, I was just too sleepy. It reminded me of when Milenyo happened back in 2006. I had just completed a 36-hour duty in the hospital, and had slept in my boarding house located along Orosa. Milenyo then arrived and howled and wailed and blew houses away, but other than to note that the electricity had been cut off, I slept through the whole acute episode. I finally woke up at around 6 pm into a brand new world. Most of the stores in Orosa and Taft were closed, there was nothing to eat. Smoketh texted that they were in Gloria Jeans Pan Pacific–there’s electricity here!!! Smoketh had enthused. But i had gotten too sleepy again. I saw a chocolate bar, jammed it into my mouth, and promptly went back to sleep.

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