Accessory Spleen

Been getting used to putting on PPE’s of different levels whenever I go on rounds. I’ve given up on trying to understand all the protocols because they change as quickly as my mind can catch-up, I just ask the nurses and the residents what the required get up is. I used to hate changing clothes in the hospital, which is the primary reason why I never chose any of the surgical specialties–changing into scrubs just felt like a chore. Back in internship while frantically changing into scrubs in the dressing room I saw the resident Dr. Xavier sitting on the floor, looking mighty dejected, smoking a cigarette. I said hi. He looked at me with bleary eyes, smiled, and resumed puffing his cigarette, lost in his thoughts. Nope, not going into surgery, I told myself. Also, I’m horrible at anatomy. Back in first year med I excitedly showed Len-Len and Smoketh what I thought was an accessory spleen on the cadaver. “Dumi lang yan,” they chorused.

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  1. Disdain for scrubs and anatomy—me, too! IM na lang!

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